Global Collaborative Resources

I sat in on a great session done by some apple distinguished educators. Click HERE for the wikispace they have created.
They also had a handout with some great resources for finding global partners and projects.
MA314 Classroom Innovations Series: Teaching and Learning in a Global Context
[Workshop : Hands-on]
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Julene Reed, St. Georges Independent School with Lucy Gray
Monday, 6/25/2007, 8:30am–11:30am; OMNI International A
Learn how to use technology and online resources to provide structured experiences so students deepen their understanding of the world as they explore environments outside the classroom.
Rock Our World
The GLOBE Project
My Wonderful World
Global SchoolNet Foundation
One World Youth Project
Jane Goodall Institute
Roots & Shoots
Global Voices
Global Learning
Kids World
Kids Around the World

International connections via New piloted technologies

Spence Zaorski and Dr. Takanori Maesako from Osaka, Japan..Osaka Univeristy
Used Web2, blue screen etc.
Look on the ISTE NECC site for contact information
]The ability to share and interface in real time.
This went between schools in NJ and Schools in Japan.
Pa has a Sister City and could easily do this.. they are looking for additional sites.