Where are you staying?

There are so many hotels located in the Atlanta area. Most of the ones from the NECC housing site were booked the day after the housing reservations opened but you should continue to check housing if you want to stay in one as there are cancellations that open rooms.

It would be nice to be able to arrange transportation etc....
Click HERE for a list of Atlanta Hotels via MARTA
NECC provides FREE bus transportation from all of the convention hotels to the Convention Center Sunday through Wednesday. If you aren't in a conference hotel, find the one closest to you and hop aboard!

Have the hotel name and address? Click on the Map Mashup below to add your location. You can find out who is at the hotel already by clicking on the link and reading the comments AND you can add yourself if you are staying there too---
Want to add a new hotel to the map. You can use the direct map link http://www.platial.com/map/26310 to add your place or comments.